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Here when you need us!


There is no denying that we are living in uncertain times. The one thing we promise that you can always rely on is the dedication and support of Duquesne City School District when times get tough.


In the era of COVID-19, important institutions like our school have closed their buildings as we all join together to do our part and stop the spread of the illness. Closing our building has only opened our hearts and minds as we develop new opportunities to connect and serve the community we proudly call home:


  • Collaborated with Eat’n Park and United Way to provide family meals on multiple occasions.
  • Prepared tasty, nutritious all-day meals for students.
  • Delivered care packages of food via our own buses to students at their homes.
  • Provided iPads so that our students can continue to engage in their learning.


There is plenty more to come.


Each and every child deserves the same opportunities as the next. That is why our talented students are being provided with the necessities they need to continue to grow and prosper, no matter the situation. We know they will shine when we give them the chance!


As educators, we provide lessons for our students on a daily basis. As parents and guardians, you have also joined in the effort to teach our children. Years from now, they will look back on this time and remember how the adults in their life banded together and did everything they possibly could to ensure they thrived. These are lessons as well. Whether in a classroom or not, our youth are learning from the experience and the example we set, as well as through their lesson plans. We are all making a difference by working together. #DukePride is not just a slogan -- in our neighborhood, it’s a way of life!


Thank you all and stay safe. We will get through this together and remember: Duquesne City School District is here when you need us!


Here are a few helpful links for continued reading and more information:


Center for Disease Control


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