• Safety & Security

Safe Learning

  • The well-being of our children is of the utmost importance to the Duquesne City School District. In order to maintain each student’s physical and emotional well-being, we have developed and implemented numerous safety and security measures at our school, such as: 

    • Metal detectors at each entrance
    • Security officers in every hallway
    • The industry-standard RAPTOR technology system to provide real-time, comprehensive background checks on visitors
    • Numerous high definition security cameras located inside and outside of the school building.

    The Pennsylvania State Police have done a threat and vulnerability study on the Duquesne City School District. They monitored the district's processes and looked for blind spots. They determined that the district's safety measures were very good.

A.L.I.C.E. Training

  • The renowned ALICE program for threat preparedness has been completed by all staff members. The district also has brought in Campus Safe Solutions to more effectively train staff members on how to protect themselves and the students in the event of an active shooter. The district also participates in the Safe2Say program that allows students and adults to anonymously report potential threats. 

School Safety Programs

  • S2S12


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