• Administration

    The Duquesne City School District is led by school administrators with expertise in the areas of student achievement, curriculum, special education and school operations.


  • Dr. Paul Rach  Dr. Paul Rach


  • Mr. Harper

     Eric Harper


  • George Little

     George Little

     Social Services Coordinator 

  • Jim_Miller  Jim Miller

    Technology Administrator



  • Jamie Schmidt   Jamie Schmidt

     Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment



  • Sue Moyer

     Sue Moyer


  • AaronH  Aaron Hassett

     Business Manager  

  • J. Merhaut

     Dr. Joe Merhaut


     Director of Special Education 

  • B. Stowell

     Brian Stowell

     Attendance Improvement  Coordinator   

  • CR Celeste Rudge

    Director of Literacy and Innovation