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  • The future is not always unpredictable. We know that technological skills and digital literacy will be at the forefront of the many career opportunities that lie ahead for our students. That is why we are heavily invested in getting our students acquainted with technology and on the fast track to success.

    The following programs not only help our students gain familiarity with computer technology while learning important core lessons, they are a safe and secure resource for young minds.

Duquesne Virtual Academy

  • Duquesne Virtual Academy will offer students and families a comprehensive educational experience along with the flexibility to navigate the uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The online offering is available for students ranging from K-6.

    Enrollment forms can be found on our homepage under the “Registration” tab or by clicking here. Once the forms are filled out, contact Alison DeMarco by calling 412-466-5300 ext. 3019. Questions regarding the program can be sent to Alison DeMarco at demarcoa@dukesk12.org.

    Due to the demand for this program and to ensure everyone is properly prepared by the beginning of the school year, we ask that you enroll your child by August 12. There is no limit to the number of students that can enroll by the deadline date.


    Duquesne Virtual Academy is an online learning platform in which students can hone their budding skills and continue to learn and grow. The program is led by certified teachers from Duquesne and the Allegheny Intermediate Unit (AIU) who present lessons equivalent to those taught in the classroom. Each educator will provide videos, walk-through experiments or other unique and engaging lessons. The asynchronous teaching especially allows for our working families the opportunity to receive a quality education without compromising to the demands of their busy lives. 

     All students enrolled in the program will receive a device provided by the district for use while actively enrolled in the Dukes Virtual Academy.


     Be sure to register now to be a part of this cutting-edge program!

  • Duquesne Virtual Academy

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