Sports Highlights and Updates

  • Photo Gallery: Duquesne City girls basketball takes on South Park

    Posted by Jeremy Tepper on 2/12/2024

    The Duquesne City Lady Dukes girls basketball team took on South Park last Friday, February 9. Check out the slideshow above for some pictures. For the Lady Dukes' full schedule, click here.

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  • Photo Gallery: Duquesne City boys basketball defeats Ringgold

    Posted by Jeremy Tepper on 11/14/2023

    The Duquesne City boys basketball team collected two wins on the road against Ringgold on November 13. The 8th grade team improved to 2-1 on the season with the win, while the 7th grade team improved to 1-0. 

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  • Dukes finish off excellent football season with 20-20 tie

    Posted by Jeremy Tepper on 10/19/2023

    As Duquesne City coach John Mahone gathered his team together for a post-game talk, his voice swelled with pride.

    “We put our name on the map,” Mahone said. “Trust me.”

    At that moment, his team was a little down. They had tied 20-20 with Montour in their last game of the season. It was the Dukes’ first non-win, having finished the season 6-0-1.

    But Mahone was still satisfied. Satisfied with the growth his team had shown throughout the season, and satisfied with what the Dukes are building. In their first two seasons since returning from a ten-year hiatus, the Dukes have gone 13-0-2.

    And although their final game had its ups and downs, the Dukes embodied the city’s perseverance, fighting tooth and nail with Montour until the last second. 

    “I’m proud of the guys. They left 110 percent on the field,” Mahone said. “We’ll grow from this and hopefully next season we’ll accomplish that undefeated season.”

    Wednesday’s game offered something that the Dukes hadn’t experienced all season: down to the wire competition. Montour was hungry to knock off the Dukes. They trailed just 8-6 at halftime. But when Duquesne City running back Jarelle Mason torched its defense with a 96 yard touchdown run to close the 3rd quarter, it seemed that the Dukes were starting to take control.

    Montour, though, tied the game right after with a kick return touchdown and a two-point conversion. Afterwards, they took a 20-14 lead with 2:42 left in the 4th quarter

    “This was our toughest game this year. We played a good ballclub, a well-coached team,” Mahone said. “But we came back and fought through adversity.”

    With their backs against the wall, the Dukes fought back. They furiously marched down the field, and Mason capped the drive off with a 30 yard touchdown run to send the game to overtime. In a one-minute overtime, neither team was able to score, though Mason nearly executed a buzzer-beating touchdown, manipulating and fighting through defenders before being wrapped up by a host of Montour players.

    “He showed great leadership this season,” Mahone said of Mason. “At times, he put the team on his back, carrying us when we needed him to.”

    Mahone will be sad to see his 8th graders go, but excited to see what they accomplish in high school. The Dukes are building up a pipeline of talented athletes, exemplified recently by Armand Hill, who received a football scholarship offer from UNLV. Hill, now at West Mifflin, played at Duquesne last season.

    His emergence as a freshman has been a revelation for the Titans, but its no surprise to Mahone and his coaching staff. They know that Duquesne City is filled with talented, hungry athletes. And as Mahone preached with his “we put our name on the map” message, the rest of Western Pennsylvania is starting to notice, too.

    “I think they feed off that. The kids that played last year, they see what they’re doing as freshmen, and that gives them confidence,” Mahone said.

    “Every year, we don’t rebuild, we reload because there’s so much talent.”

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  • Photo Gallery: Dukes volleyball opens season against Peters Township

    Posted by Jeremy Tepper on 9/13/2023

    Our Lady Dukes volleyball got its season started with a home game against Peters Township. Check out the photo gallery for some scenes from the game.

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  • Duquesne City football defeats Mt. Lebanon 38-0 in season opener

    Posted by Jeremy Tepper on 9/7/2023

    Minutes before Duquesne City played its opening football game against Mt. Lebanon, head coach John Mahone held up his fingers in the shape of the number zero.

    “This should be on the board when we leave,” Mahone said.

    The Dukes lived up to Mahone’s goal, shutting out Mt. Lebanon 38-0 for an emphatic victory. Showing tremendous speed and strength, the Dukes defense made play after play. As the Dukes hunted ball carriers with conviction, the Blue Devils rarely — if ever — truly threatened to score.

    “The defense played well today,” Mahone said. “We made a couple mental mistakes. But we played hard, got to the ball and made tackles.”

    The Dukes got off to a feverish start, as Jarelle Mason took the opening kickoff and evaded and ran through a number of would-be tacklers on the way to the endzone. The offense sputtered the rest of the half, but rebounded with a 32-point second half.

    “We started a little slow. But after I got them in at halftime and gave them a little pep talk, we started executing our plays and getting things together,” Mahone said.

    Ra’zohn Pitts jumped in front of a pass and took it to the endzone for a pick-six in the early parts of the 3rd quarter. Afterwards, Dae-mere Johnson reached paydirt on two touchdown runs in the 3rd quarter. Mason scored once more in the 4th quarter to bring the Dukes' final point total to 38.

    It was — all and all — an excellent start to what Mahone believes will be a special season.

    “The confidence level is high, and I know what my guys can do,” Mahone said. “Looking at what we have this year, we didn’t really rebuild, we just reloaded.”

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  • Duquesne City football aims for perfection in 2023-24 season

    Posted by Jeremy Tepper on 8/7/2023

    For most football programs, a 7-0-1 season might represent a landmark accomplishment, one to laud for years to come. But for Duquesne City, it’s a step short of their expectations.

    As the Dukes prepare for the upcoming football season, perfection is on their minds.

    “That’s our main goal this year, to go undefeated,” said Duquesne City football coach John Mahone.

    The Duquesne City school district returned 8th graders last school year after an 11 year hiatus, and with their return, school-based athletics came back, too. It was a welcome comeback for a city that lives and breathes football and basketball.

    To no surprise, the football team didn’t skip a beat last season, winning all but one game — a tie against Thomas Jefferson. On an August evening, Mahone reflected on last season before putting his small but mighty football team through rigorous conditioning drills.

    “I think we had a really good season last year, given that it was our first year back. We had some talented kids, but that’s year and year out in this small city,” Mahone said. “I think this year, we’ll be good again.”

    Mahone believes last season was just the beginning of getting the Dukes football machine humming at full speed, once again. Last season laid some foundational pieces, and those pieces will be built upon this season.

    “We’ve got a few returning kids that are going into 8th grade that played last year. They’re experienced now, so I think those guys are stepping up and being leaders,” Mahone said.

    “The younger guys, they’re excited and confident to play this year. We’ve got a long pipeline.”

    When accessing this season’s squad, Mahone thinks his team is well-rounded, but believes the offense is slightly ahead.

    “I think we’ll be really good in the running game,” Mahone said. “All in all, I think we’ll be good on both sides of the ball. But I think our offense will be a little more advanced.”

    Beyond x’s and o’s, Mahone is perhaps most happy to see the pride growing in his team. Over the years, his players have surely heard about the storied sports history in Duquesne. But now that they’re living it, they’re starting to truly understand what it means to be a Duke.

    “A lot of younger kids, they don’t really know the history of it, but I think they’re starting to feel it, as older guys talk to them about back in the day,” Mahone said.

    “Football has always had a rich tradition here. The younger guys love to play the game, but I think they’re starting to get an understanding about how serious the sport is in this town.”

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  • Lady Dukes girls basketball lays a foundation in their 1st season back

    Posted by Jeremy Tepper on 3/7/2023

    On the surface, it might seem that it hasn’t been an ideal season for the Lady Dukes basketball team.

    On Monday, the team lost to Baldwin 35-12, dropping to 1-10 on the season. But look a little closer, and the Lady Dukes exhibit a lot of heart and effort. That effort, along with fundamentals, is what Duquesne City coach Latoya Singleton has most tried to ingrain in her team in their first season back since 2007.

    “The main thing is just learning this sport. A lot of these girls hadn’t played before this season, and they’re getting a lot better,” Singleton said. “The girls are giving their all. They play to the whistle. They play from the time the game starts until the time the game ends. They don’t give up, no matter the score.” 

    For some of the players, this season represented the first time they played organized basketball. It’s been a process getting everybody up to speed, but in that process, Singleton has seen a love for basketball spark within the team.

    Earlier in the season, Singleton took the Lady Dukes to watch the Woodland Hills high school girls basketball team. Her team was in awe, she said, seeing the players’ skill as something they’ll strive for.

    “Some of them really want to play. Some of them talk about wanting to go to the WNBA,” Singleton said. “That’s a big difference, because when we first started a lot of them were just playing just to play. Now, they really like playing.”

    Duquesne City honored its 8th grade players before the game, giving them baskets of appreciation. The team has five 8th graders this season — A’ryah Scott, Armani Campbell, Maleah Powell, Kimari Middlebrook and Journey Tyler-Jones — and Singleton said they’ve all played a big part in providing leadership and laying the foundation for Duke teams to come.

    “I’m gonna miss them,” Singleton said. “I hope the 7th grade girls can step up and fill their shoes, because those 8th grade girls work a lot. They work hard.”

    In the coming months, Singleton is focused on continuing to build that foundation. She’d like  to introduce girls in the area to basketball sooner, in hopes of building a feeder program for the middle school. In a way, that process has already started, as Singleton said she’s had a number of girls tell her that they want to join the team next season.

    “It will be a big change soon,” Singleton said.

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  • Duquesne Girls Basketball Beats West Mifflin 25-22

    Posted by Jeremy Tepper on 1/26/2023

    The clock hit zero and the Duquesne students rushed onto the court. Tears of joy wept down A’ryah Scott’s face as she and her teammates went to the locker room.

    The Lady Dukes basketball team prevailed, beating West Mifflin 25-22 and improving to 1-1 in their first season back since the return of athletics to the Duquesne City school district. Scott was the star, leading her team with 20 points and sparking a feverish 4th quarter comeback that saw the Dukes outscore West Mifflin 12-2. 

    “I’m just happy that the 7th and 8th graders came back. I’m happy that the school came back and athletics came back. I’m proud of these girls,” said Duquesne coach Latoya Singleton. “These girls never played with each other before this season. It’s gonna be a great season, and they’re only gonna get better.”

    Between the raucous crowd, her performance and the ultimate win, it was hard for Scott to imagine such a picturesque game. In fact, there was a time when it was hard for Scott to imagine playing basketball at all. Scott admits that at one point she considered quitting basketball. But when athletics returned to Duquesne, her family urged her to give it a try. It didn’t take long for her to find her love for the sport again.

    "A’ryah’s a hard worker. She’s the voice of the team. She works hard and she pushes these girls harder,” Singleton said. “She makes these girls want to play because she works so hard. She’s a lovable person and she’s a great student, also.”

    Duquesne took the early 2-0 lead but found itself battling back for almost the entirety of the game. After the first quarter, they trailed 8-5, and at halftime they trailed 18-9. Slowly but surely, though, they battled back. Their defense tightened, cutting the lead to 20-13 after the third quarter. Between Scott’s inside presence and the Dukes’ intense guards hounding ball-handlers, the Titans’ offense sputtered.

    “We go over defense a lot in practice — more than offense. Defense is key. We cannot win without defense,” Singleton said. “I push them hard at practice. I make them run so much for this, because there’s only seven of us. They’ve got to run with teams that have 15 to 18 girls.”

    The fourth quarter started and the Dukes started to race back. The offense ran through Scott, who attacked the rim and grabbed rebounds with ferocity. She knew she had to take over the game.

    “I knew we were close and I just had to push through, even though I was really tired. I knew I had to push through, push through,” Scott said. “That’s what my dad always tells me, ‘push through it and you’re gonna be okay.’”

    With a little under three minutes left in the game, Scott hit a layup to give the Dukes a 22-20 lead. The Titans tied it back up shortly after, but Scott answered with a deep jumper. The Dukes stayed strong on defense and Scott hit a free throw to give the Dukes a little cushion. Seconds later, her fellow students rushed the court.

    Scott admits that playing in front of a home crowd had her nervous at first. But in that euphoric moment, there was nothing better than having her peers surround her.

    “It felt good having everybody huddling around me,” Scott said.

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  • Duquesne Girls Basketball Gears Up to Start Its Season

    Posted by Jeremy Tepper on 1/10/2023

    When Latoya Singleton heard that sports were coming back to Duquesne, her ears perked up. 

    Singleton, a 2002 Duquesne graduate and former basketball player at the school, is a passionate leader, having coached football, basketball and baseball. Now, she’ll be coaching at her alma mater, too. Singleton will handle coaching the 8th grade girls basketball team, while Shawnese Brown, a 6th grade math and 6th and 7th grade Project STEM teacher at Duquesne, will coach the 7th grade girls. Both are elated to be a part of rebooting athletics in the district.

    “Sports and Duquesne are synonymous. They love it,” Brown said. “The city just kind of thrives off of the sports teams. Whenever they brought sports back, the turnout from the community was amazing and very welcoming.”

    Singleton and Brown both noted the substantial crowd turnout for the Duquesne boys basketball games, and are hoping for the same at the girls’ games. At the moment, Singleton and Brown are hoping that they can gather more participants for the teams. For those that have regularly practiced, though, the focus is on building from the ground up.

    “We’re just trying to lay some groundwork and get them to understand basketball and what it’s all about and what it takes. Just getting down the basics, and hopefully we can build from there,” Brown said.

    “Our goal is that by the time they leave 8th grade, they’ll be ready to go to high school and step onto a JV team.”

    Singleton echoed those thoughts, and added that she’s trying to get the community more invested in basketball, with hopes of building up some feeder programs of sorts for the teams.

    “I’m just trying to bring basketball to these girls,” Singleton said. “If we start getting them interested in 4th and 5th grade, they’ll want to come out and play.” 

    At any given practice, it’s easy to see the team’s passion and energy. As such, improvement is being made.

    “The girls that have been showing up, they’ve been making great strides and great improvement,” Brown said. “The will to do well is there.”

    Brown said that the team understands Duquesne’s rich sports history, having heard tales of it from their family members. Even more, practicing in a gym lined with championship banners is a great relic of what they’re trying to build back up to.

    “Just walking into the gym, you see all the different trophies and posters and awards,” Brown said, “I think it’s a great reminder that this was here, that this happened before and now you’re a part of it.”

    In practice on Monday, Brown and Singleton participated actively in live five-on-five play, along with the rest of the coaching staff. So too did some of the school's boys basketball players. There is an obvious buy-in in trying to get Duquesne sports back to their old standards, and the community and the school are coming together in the process.

    “We’re becoming like a little mini family,” Brown said. 

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