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  • World of Work is a career initiative that started in Cajon Valley San Diego. Duquesne City School District is partnering with three other Pittsburgh districts to provide students in Pennsylvania with real-world, relevant career opportunities.  World of Work provides early exposure and self awareness to career paths starting in our youngest grade levels.  This exposure is done by supporting the individualized needs of each student learner and matching their interests with career learning.  The four steps of World of Work include; Exploration, Simulation, Meet a Pro, and Practice.  In Exploration, students participate in an interest survey called the “RIASEC” survey. Once students receive their individualized results, students learn about new jobs in different industries.  They are given the opportunity to explore careers that they may not have known before.  During Simulation, hands-on experiences take place engaging students in activities they learned about during Exploration.  They broaden their knowledge with learning about necessary skills and values for different careers.  Meet a Pro allows for connections being made with students and people that are currently in those professions.  Real-life experiences are shared and students see the work they are interested in first-hand.  The final stage of Practice provides students with enough knowledge and exposure to take what they learned to practice through play, school projects, homework, socialization, and volunteer work!


  • RIASEC stands for Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional.  

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