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Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Joe Merhaut

Background: My education started at Slippery Rock University, where I received my Bachelor of Science
degree with certification to teach students with mental and/or physical disabilities in grades
kindergarten through age 21. During my first teaching job, I began my master’s program at California
University of Pennsylvania in school administration and policy study with certification to be a secondary
school principal. I earned my doctorate degree in educational leadership from Duquesne University. My
doctoral degree landed me at Slippery Rock University where I teach graduate and undergraduate
courses in special education. As a consultant, I am supporting Duquesne City School District’s Special
Education Program.
Goals: My goals include assisting the school district with establishing and maintaining a compliant
special education program. This goal includes providing appropriate programs of special education for
all of the identified students in the district.
Interests: Riding my bicycle hundreds of miles, spending time with my three beautiful daughters and
lovely wife, and doing the ‘Insanity’ workout in an attempt to stay in shape. I also enjoy getting together
with my extended family, not to mention my 42 nieces and nephews and three great-nieces and