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Mr. George Little

George Little is a graduate of Duquesne City School District, class of 2005, and an advocate for the children of the city of Duquesne for 10 plus years now. Before starting his career in education he was a counselor, mentor and case manger at a local non-profit organization for troubled youth. George’s experiences growing up in the community of Duquesne all of his life and the learned experiences about the child welfare system in place, motivated him to want to educate students who are "at risk youth". The principles installed within his character happened through his trials and tribulations as a youth and through his experiences through sports, more specifically football. In a direct quote for George he stated “how much he truly owed to the support of his parents, coaches, teammates, Duquesne City School District and the game of football.” George was able to earn a football scholarship to Saint Francis University and begin a journey of higher education while continuing his football career. Today he coaches our youth at the varsity level at East Allegheny High School and also volunteers some time coaching our youth for Duquesne’s youth football program. He enjoys teaching our youth that the basic concepts you learn through sports directly translate to characteristics that you need to be a productive individual of today’s society. Being disciplined, overcoming adversity, good work ethic, willing to learn and apply concepts, being a team player, being positive, competitiveness and a will and desire to always want to be better are all principles that he has learned throughout experiences that he aims to install within, today.

George expresses that working at Duquesne Elementary has been a very prideful and personal experience thus far. He understands the social barriers our students encounter and have to overcome on a daily basis. He graduated from Saint Francis University with bachelors of art in Sociology and most recently graduated form the University of Pittsburgh with a masters in Social Work. Through education and work experiences his goal is to educate, mentor and advocate for the children and families of our community and highlight the fact that perseverance is an option for everyone and with hard work, dedication along with a support system anything is possible. George wants to lead by example and demonstrate that “I walked the same streets as you all and no he is not perfect, but if I can do it you can do it.” George loves his city and wants to continue to inspire and up lift his community.