• Student Health



    All accidents or illnesses should be reported to the office and school nurse promptly. The appropriate care will be administered by school personnel.  Parents will be notified.

    The nurse’s office is for emergency cases only. Only injuries or sudden illnesses occurring during the school day will be cared for in the nurse’s office. Pupils must secure a note from their classroom teacher and then report to the nurse’s office.

    The following mandated examinations are conducted by the school physician or school nurse unless prior documentation is submitted to the school nurse:

    • Physical
    • Hearing
    • Scoliosis
    • Vision, Height, Weight
    • Dental

    For more information regarding district and student health contact the school nurse at 412-466-9600, ext. 7009.  

    BMI (Body Mass Index) Student Screenings:

    Section 1402 of the Public School code requires each child of school age be measured for height and weight by the school nurse. This growth screening enables school nurses to:

    1. Monitor growth and development patterns of student.
    2. Identify students who may be undernourished or overweight.
    3. Notify parents of screening results with a recommendation to share findings with the student’s health care provider for further evaluation and intervention, if necessary.

    We will be using a computer program to record and monitor each student’s growth pattern. A letter will be mailed home yearly with each child’s BMI. The letter will indicate whether the child is underweight, normal, or overweight. Follow-up with the child’s health care provider will be recommended when appropriate.



    All students are required by state law to participate in physical education classes unless they provide a medical excuse from their doctor for exemption. The following procedures are to be followed:

    1. The medical excuse (including dates and specific limitations) must be presented to the school nurse.
    2. The original will be kept on file in the nurse’s office and a copy will be forwarded to the physical education teacher.
    3. If the exemption is for an extended period, the student will be rescheduled through the guidance office and given alternative assignments and/or an Adaptive Physical Education Program.

    A medical excuse DOES NOT exempt a student from participating in physical education.



    Under no circumstances will school personnel diagnose, provide, or prescribe any medicine for a student. Medication shall include all pills, drugs, and medicines prescribed by a physician and any over-the-counter medicines. No herbal remedies will be given during the school day.

    The Duquesne City School District requests that medicine be given at home during non-school hours. However, it recognizes that sometimes it is essential for medication to be administered at school. Any medication to be administered during school hours must be accompanied by a written request signed by both a physician and parent/guardian.

    Prescription Medication

    1. A written request must be submitted by the parent / guardian requesting that the school nurse administer medication as prescribed by a physician.
    2. Physician's signed request (note or medication form) authorizing the administration of the prescribed medication.
    3. Prescription medication must be in a pharmacy labeled bottle containing:
    4. Name and telephone of the pharmacy
    5. Pupil's name (first/last)
    6. Name of the physician
    7. Name of the drug
    8. Prescribed dose and times of administration
    9. Rx number

    Non-Prescription (over-the-counter) Medication

    1. A written request must be submitted by the parent/guardian requesting the school nurse to administer over-the-counter medication as prescribed by a physician.
    2. Physician's signed request (note or medication form) authorizing the administration of all over-the-counter medication.
    3. Over-the-counter medication must be in the original manufacturer's package and imprinted with the dosage instructions that are typically found on labeled bottles, blister packs, tubes, or cans.

    Storage of Medication

    Medication shall be kept in a secured appropriate storage location in the health office.

    Transportation of Medication to School

    All medication shall be brought to school by the parent and kept in the health office. If this is not possible, the pharmacy-labeled container or original manufacturer's package must be sent to school in a sealed envelope with a note signed by the parent/guardian stating the number of tablets being sent to school. The nurse will verify this information with a phone call to the parent / guardian.

    Request for Administration of Medication During School Hours Form

    This form is available in the health office, on the school web site under Resources, or a sample is included in the Parent / Student handbook. The form is not essential to use as long as all the requested information is included in a written note.

    Medication Administration

    All medications shall be administered by the school nurse or self-administrated by the student upon request. Only in an emergency shall a school employee other than the school nurse administer medication to a student. A parent or legal guardian may come to school to administer medication to their child.

    Emergency Medications

    Under emergency medical situations such as anaphylactic shock, the school physician may order certain medications, such as epinephrine (Epi-Pen or Epi-Pen Jr.) to be administered.

    Self-Administration of Inhalers

    Students the Duquesne City School District will be allowed to carry and self-administer their metered dose inhaler (MDI) medication in school as needed for asthma and other respiratory conditions. The inhaler may be used to alleviate and/or prevent the onset of asthmatic symptoms. This procedure includes the dosages required at school, on school-sponsored transportation, or at an activity, event, or program sponsored by or in which the pupil's school is participating.

    To ensure your child's health and safety, you and your child's physician will need to complete a medication order and authorization form, and return it to the school nurse. This authorization shall provide the name of the drug, the dose, the times when the medication is to be taken, and the diagnosis or reason the medicine is needed. It shall also include any serious reaction that may occur in conjunction with use of the medication. In addition, this authorization relieves the school of responsibility for the benefits or consequences of the medication. It also acknowledges that the school bears no responsibility for insuring that the medication is taken.

    The nurse will review proper MDI administration technique with your child and evaluate that self-administration is safe and appropriate. You and your child must then sign the self-administration assessment and contact form. All children in grades PK - 6 must notify the school nurse immediately following each use of an inhaler, and sign off on such self-administration on the medication record.

    The student will be held responsible for keeping their inhaler in a safe place that is not accessible to other students. If any irresponsible behavior is observed in the use of the inhaler such as sharing medication with another student, the inhaler will immediately be confiscated and parent notification of the loss of the privilege to self-administer.

    It is highly recommended that you keep an additional inhaler in the health office should your child forget his/her inhaler.

    Refer to Resources section for permission form to administer medications. Medications will not be administered to any student without proper parental / guardian permission - no exceptions! Please contact the school nurse at 412-466-9600, extension 7009 if you have any questions concerning the administration of medication at school.

    For More Information Regarding District and Student Health Contact the School Nurse at 412-466-9600, ext. 7009.

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