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A Message from the Administration


On behalf of the administration at the Duquesne City School District, we welcome you to the Duquesne City School District Web Site! We are very excited to have our school district information on the Internet.  

With the help of the community, parents, faculty, and students, the Duquesne administration has developed two very important items that will direct all of our activities this year. These items are Duquesne's Vision and Mission.

Among other things, Duquesne's Vision states that students will learn from teachers who use best practices. With that goal in mind, the staff and administration will be working closely together all year to fully implement the district's new Success For All program.  Success For All is an education reform model designed to improve many aspects of student achievement. With the support of the Duquesne community, we are confident that Success For All will be a valuable program for the upcoming school year.

Duquesne's Mission states that the district will provide experiences and opportunities that foster academic success. We will continue to build upon last year's foundations as we offer academic supports, student services, a variety of sports, field trips, and other extra curricular activities to our students.

The school district's Vision and Mission Statements are important directives. With the support of parents and the community, we look forward to working with students and faculty so that these ideas become a reality.

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