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   Supplemental Educational Services (FREE TUTORING)

The Supplemental Education Services (SES) is a federal program defined by No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Students who qualify for free or reduced priced lunch and attend schools in School Improvement II or Corrective Action may apply for free tutoring in Reading, Mathematics and Science through Supplemental Education Services (SES).

Our district has been identified for improvement because it has not made Adequate Yearly Progress on state measures of academic achievement for at least two years. Our District's Report Card show how your child's school compares to other schools in our district and state.

Your family may have qualified for FREE TUTORING under the Supplemental Education Services guidelines.

    Help your child succeed by signing up for free tutoring!

    Before You Apply:

  • Review the information provided in the provider list.
  • Before making a choice, talk with providers over the telephone or arrange to meet with them to discuss your child’s needs.

     Question for Families to Ask Providers:

  • When and where will the tutoring take place (i.e. at school or a community center)?
  • How often and for how many hours in total will my child be tutored?
  • What programs, by grade levels and subject areas, are available for my child?
  • What type of instruction will the tutor use (small group, on-on-one, or the computer)?
  • What are the tutor's qualifications?
  • Can the tutor help, if my child has disabilities or is learning English?
  • Is transportation available to and from where the tutoring will take place?
  • What evidence do you have of the program's effectiveness?
  • How will progress be reported to parents and to the school?

    How Do I Apply?

  • Please call the Elementary School Office at 412-466-9600, if you have any questions about these services.  Fill out the SES Enrollment Form 
    and the SES Parent Permission Form  and return it to the Elementary School Office by January 15, 2013.
  • You will receive a letter from the school telling you when the free tutoring will start.

    Benefits of Supplemental Educational Services:

  • Tutoring benefits are substantiated by research
  • Available at NO cost
  • Tutoring can be tailored to the particular academic needs of each participating student
  • Potential to improve student's academic proficiency
  • Productive use of a student's out-of-school time in a safe environment.

    How are parent's notified?

Parents of eligible students are being notified via U.S. Mail. Inside the packet will be a letter notifying the parent of the progress of their child's school, information on SES, information on SES providers, as well as an application to apply and are instructed to return the application to the District.


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