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Success for All

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Success for All (SFA) is a K-6 comprehensive reading approach designed to ensure that every child will read at grade level or above. This reading program emphasizes prevention and early intervention to respond to and solve any child's learning needs. SFA is an approved model in accordance with the "No Child Left Behind" legislation. Success for All provides schools with:

  • Research-based curriculum materials
  • Extensive professional development in proven instructional strategies
  • Assessment and data-monitoring tools
  • Classroom management techniques
  • One-to-one tutoring for struggling students
  • Ongoing family involvement and community support

The Success for All reading program is based on extensive resarch into the ways children learn to read and write. At the heart of the program is 90 minutes of uninterrupted, daily reading instruction. Beginning in the first grade, children are grouped across classes and grades by their individual reading level. Regrouping gives each teacher the opportunity to work intensively with students one reading level at a time. Cooperative learning is embedded throughout the program and focuses on individual student accountability, common goals, and recognition of group success. The opportunity to work with peers enables all students to master basic reading skills as they continue to grow as thoughtful learners.


KinderCorner All Kindergarten students participate in this component, where a theme is carried throughout all curricular areas.
Reading Roots Any student in 1st through 5th grade who is reading on a first grade level is instructed in this component at their individual reading level.
Reading Wings Once a student has graduated from Reading Roots, they earn their wings and move onto the Reading Wings. This component is designed for any 1st through 5th grade student who is reading on the 2nd grade through 5th grade level.
Reading Edge This is the Middle School component, where all students in the 6th grade are instructed on their individual reading level.


Quarterly Assessment

This process provides a quarterly, internal progress check for every child. Assessment data is used to design appropriate interventions, guide instruction, and move students into higher reading levels ensuring that no child is left behind. The assessment used is 4Sight, a predictive, state-aligned, and diagnostic assessment tool.


One-to-One Tutoring

In SFA Reading, one-to-one tutoring is provided for struggling students. One of the most effective educational interventions, tutoring is designed to parallel and reinforce classroom reading instruction for these children.


No one has yet fully realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness, and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure.
-- Emma Golmam