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Dress Code

All students are expected to take pride in their appearance.  Any form of dress and/or personal appearance that distracts or disrupts the educational environment or tends to diminish instructional effectiveness or the disciplinary control of the teacher will not be permitted.


Additionally, tops which expose midriffs, tube tops, tank tops with spaghetti straps unless they are under a shirt or sweater, halter tops, (short shorts or skirts cannot be more than 5 inches, 13 centimeters above the knee), bandannas, headbands, sunglasses, or hats are not permitted.  Any article displaying indecent writing, allusions to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gangs, violent acts, indecent pictures or slogans are inappropriate and will not be considered acceptable dress.  Pants that are excessively long pose a safety problem and may not be worn.  Pants must be secured properly at waist and not expose boxers or underwear.  Ski mask type facial gear (anything covering the face) will not be permitted.  Gloves will not be worn in school.  See through clothing will not be permitted.  Undergarments worn as outer garments will not be permitted.  Pajamas in any form will not be permitted.  Slip on shoes, bedroom slippers, flip flops (any shoe that does not have an ankle strap cannot be worn in school).  Large medallion necklaces and chains are not permitted.  T-shirts and displays of any undergarments will not be permitted.  Coats and outerwear are not permitted to be worn in the school building during regular school hours - 8:25 to dismissal.  Outerwear includes such items as winter jackets, parkas, trench coats, windbreakers, and other items not typically worn inside a home or office. If extenuating circumstances should occur within the school regarding extremely cold temperatures, the principal or designee will make exceptions as appropriate.   For health and safety reasons, footwear must be worn at all times.


If a student fails to comply with these guidelines, they will be directed to the office and parents will be called to bring appropriate clothing.  If the clothing cannot be brought to school, we will have clothing available that students will be given to wear that day.  If this is a repeat offense, the matter will be treated as a Level II offense as outlined in the Code of Conduct.

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